Ain't Nobody's TVM.

Imesha Wells

Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan is playing y'all and that means: I’m voguing, and performing on stage in a sequined dress right now. Me and my imagination. Okay, check it; we know June 21st is the first official day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Chile, let me tell you how i’m not ready for these damn gnats, flies, and boob sweat. It is NOT the season to be musty. Really no season is; but if you’re gonna be musty be musty during the winter. Hopefully the cold will mask the hot funk. Idk. Summer is nice and all, but she can sometimes be a little overbearing. While we’re all once again starting our diets on Monday and most likely we’ve back slid; why not start with my quick Tuesday veggie medley. Now listen, this isn’t your usual regular, buy frozen veggie medley for ninety-nine cents a bag medley. This is your, “I got fresh veggies in the fridge because I’m an adult” veggie medley. LOL. Get into how I put this beauty together:

I decided to grill the green beans which gave them that nice smokey char flavor, and they were definitely to the bite; aka al dente. I roasted the sweet potatoes, which gives us a soft texture to balance out the crunch from the green beans. Next, I combined mushrooms, onions, and yellow squash. I sautéed them using EVOO and butter; added some seasonings, and of coursed topped them off with crushed red pepper flakes.

Honey chile, when I tell you this medley gave me life after life. Whew! The flavors of this simple veggie delight brought me so much comfort. The small hit of spice at the end balances perfectly with the sweet and savory flavors given by the other components of this dish. I felt like I was getting ready to conquer the world one dish at a time. It was so damn good. Matter of fact y’all, your girl has arrived. Periodt! So much love, and flavor packed into this bowl. Get into it.



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