Blackened Skillet Salmon

Imesha Wells

You ever been hungry and didn’t know what to cook but knew you just had to cook? If you answered yes, then you understand where I’m at with this Blackened Skillet Salmon. Check it: It’s Sunday, my off day from work but yet your girl had to go in because you know, folks believe in going above and beyond. After donating my time which was all of three hours I came back home and took me a nice nap. My mom called and woke me up and you already know falling back to sleep was low-key a struggle but I still managed to get a thirty minute power nap.

Y’all, when I got up up; I was like “girl, what you gonna cook that’s filling and simple?” Boom, it hit me! Salmon. I had some salmon in the freezer that was just sitting there ready to be cooked. Now y’all know i’m big on flavors so I went to my pantry and seasoned this salmon to the Gods’. After seasoning the salmon, I seared it in my skillet four minutes per side. I thought about how the salmon was feeling when she got caught, and suddenly I didn’t care because I knew that at the end of the day she had to transition in order for my belly to be full. Get into this Blackened Skillet Salmon. It was delightful.


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