Chi-Queen Marsala with Smashed Sweet Potatoes and Garlicky Green Beans

Imesha Wells

Y’all know how you just have cravings pop up out of nowhere? And before you start spreading rumors, I’m not pregnant.

So on this day, I don’t know why but I was craving chicken marsala. I’ve never even cooked this but I thought about this low-key Indian spot in Atlanta where I tend to purchase chicken marsala. No, I’m not going to tell y’all the name of the place because these folks would first need to run me a check. #AintNoFreePromoBih

Well, I’ve never cooked chicken marsala but the internet just made this dish look so delectable so I had to give a try. I turned on my Boney James and took myself out on a date. I even lit candles in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it was one of those candles that smelled like a pine tree fell in the kitchen but you know that’s besides the point. It was a whole vibe; it was me, my pots, my pans, and my love for creating amazing dishes.

I remember the moment I tasted the the marsala sauce that I made with the mushrooms. Bruh, I had to hit a Diddy bop. My heart was full, my soul rejoiced, and my ancestors were happy. I felt warm inside and as I feasted on this delicious dish, I thought of my queen, my grandmother. I’m sure she played a part in what I created. Maybe she added her special touch to this dish. If so, no wonder it turned out so great.



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