Child's Play Pizza

Imesha Wells

June 14th, I taught my first cooking class. I was greeted at the door with great energy, smiling faces, and big hearts open, and ready to learn something new. My students were kids ages 5-11. They were attending summer camp, and I was their chef for the day. After introducing myself; the kids introduced themselves. We then got right into making pizza dough from scratch.

Making pizza dough from scratch is super easy but it requires patience and a lot of love. My helpers measured out the flour and each of their tiny little fingers added their own special pinch of salt to the bowl. I explained the role and importance of yeast, sugar, and water. They were so amazed and super tuned in. Everyone got a chance to press the dough to witness how dough bounces back when it’s ready; they also slapped the hell out of the dough and turned it into a slapping contest. Who knew slapping dough would be so fun. Once everything was done we topped our pizza, and sent it off to the oven.

This experience really inspired me; seeing the joy on their faces really filled my heart. This by far was the best pizza ever. I call it Child’s Play Pizza. Get into it. Made by some amazing kids, and myself.


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