Hattie Pearl's Fried Green Tomatoes with Cajun Shrimp and Brown Caribbean Vinaigrette.

Imesha Wells

I was thinking of my grandmother, Hattie Pearl, when I made this dish. She passed years ago; however, the lessons she provided me in the kitchen and in life live on to this day.

This dish also reminds me that I started Fried Green Tomatoes movie and never finished it. If y’all have any thoughts on that movie, feel free to hit me up on my @forksonly Instagram page because I’m more of a Pocahontas and Dance with Me girl myself.

These fried green tomatoes made me replay every memory I had of my grandmother in the kitchen when she was chefing it up… before chefing it up was even a phrase.

This dish is simple, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Who knew that frying tomatoes would bring my inner child to life and much joy?



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