Southern Trap Grilled Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffed Porkchop with Collard Greens and Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Imesha Wells

I know this is going to sound wild given my country roots but I’m not a total soul food lover/cook. Now before you get all upset and start clicking away just know that it’s a little more complicated that just not loving soul food. I like to be challenged. I like to find different ways to make traditional food nontraditional. That being said, one tradition in my household was a good ole porkchop cooked every which way that you could imagine. I took that tradition and I give it a little twist. I decided to bring in all of my southern favorites into one dish and complicate my taste pallet. I stuffed the porkchop with jalapeno cornbread because what is porkchop without a side of cornbread? I mean is it even really porkchop? I then added some whipped sweet potatoes and collard greens because Lawd knows I needed it to feel like a Sunday afternoon.

All in all, I feel as though soul food is not just the traditional southern cuisine that we characterize it as on a daily basis. Soul food is food that is cooked with love that fills the soul. This food is great for every setting including your grandmother’s house, the trap, or the nicest rooftop in Atlanta.

So as an ode to my love for trap music and those who make it out of the most difficult circumstances in their lives, I present to you “Southern Trap Grilled Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffed Porkchop with Collard Greens and Whipped Sweet Potatoes.”

This dish took me back to my younger days when I loved a good ole porkchop cooked any kind of way. This is soul food with a twist. I wish I could use another name besides soul food because all food is soul food if its cooked with love and fills the soul. Nonetheless, catch me in the trap when eating this.




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