That "New New" Pan Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa

Imesha Wells

Let me paint this picture right quick: I just moved back to Atlanta and I have a new apartment, new haircut, new attitude… new everything. I wanted this meal to reflect that sentiment as well; I wanted this dish to be new and daring. I’m sure y’all remember that line on “ATL” when Lauren London’s character said, “I'm New New cause I always rock the new, new shit.” Well, this is new new shit for me, y’all! I even used my new new pots to make tea and sugar water. By the way, I need to go ahead and crank up my pots and get to fryin’ so I can eventually cook cook but that’s besides the point. Also, who was the first Black person to use a verb twice in a row and everyone felt what they were saying deep down in their spirits?

I’ve never cooked tuna. Also, I’m not a fan of eating “raw” fish. It just ain’t my thang. After watching two videos on YouTube, I built up enough courage to head over to the local farmers market to purchase some tuna. Keep in mind, I also just learned that the farmers market is legit around the corner from my house which means I’ll be up in that bih faithfully spending my coins. 

I absolutely loved my experience at the farmers market. It’s food heaven for any chefs that are looking for quick fix. Listen y’all…some of these farmers markets are so big, you’ll be making your first lap around the perimeter and it’ll take longer than your grandmother’s church service on first Sunday. Each corner was stocked with goodies and surprises. Also, I must mention that I’m incredibly excited about researching the new items I’ve come across because y’all know that knowledge is power.

There were different fruits from various countries, all kinds of veggies that I know nothing about, meats, etc. It was absolutely amazing. I still haven’t explored the entire market yet because it’s going to take some time. Remember, this isn’t your grandmother’s first Sunday farmers market; it’s the youth service Sunday market where the kids are swaying in opposite directions singing “This Little Light of Mine.” You won’t be as tired but you’ll still feel like you fed your spirit.

Welp, get into this Pan Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa that makes you wanna stomp! *Kirk Franklin voice*



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