The Soul Snatching Fully Loaded Pepper Jack Stuffed Hamburger

Imesha Wells

As always, I was mentally in the trap while cooking this dish. Trap music always amps me for the unknown just like your local trap star. Two of my favorite trap songs that I love to listen to while cooking are “T-Shirt” by Migos and “Up 1” by Yella Beezy. Ehhhh!! “Momma told me not to sell work”…but my momma did tell me to work and when I was telling you I was puttin’ in work in the kitchen that day.

I cooked up the burger medium-well. By the way, Black folks stop ordering your burgers well-done; that’s not what the Lord wants for your life. I then stuffed the burger with onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, and shrimp.

And I wasn’t done after that. I even topped it with fried onion rings, bacon, shrimp, and jalapeños.

The best part of this burger was the damn chipotle honey mustard sauce I created. Y’all, it was hittin’ just like two twelves’ in the back of your car.

Whew chile. Soul snatcher. Periodt.


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