To Be or Not to Be?

Imesha Wells

I believe at some point we've all talked the talk, but didn't completely walk the walk. Being read for complete good filth yesterday, totally influenced this shift that has come about. The read went like this; "Actions>Words." Now, if you know you haven't been living your best life, and the self-sabotage bug has bitten you; you my friend should be picking your mouth up from off the floor just as I did. Often times I get caught, or trapped mentally in the end result of a goal. It ultimately leads to me being stagnant, and I totally disengage from the journey it takes to get to that end goal. Can we say depression? I've struggled with that too. It's beyond stifling, and that's what self-sabotage is; freaking stifling. 

It's been three months since I've blogged. I took a step back from Forks Only, and Chef Wells, had to get my mind right. Realignment requires some type of isolation/break, and that's what I needed. I asked myself; how many times are you going to rebrand Imesha? Truthfully, I can rebrand as much as I want, but the key is to stay consistent and never leave the drawing board. So now that your girl is back, we bout to cook it up. It's time to #GetIntoIt. Ain't nobody got time for unhealthy relationships. Ain't nobody got time to be making friends with Ms. Stagnant Butt. Please, we're here to cook, learn, and be well. Thank you all for you continued support and patience.


Imesha Wells


P.S. Time waits for no one. So you might as well live and enjoy your NOW!

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