"Trust the Process" Pasta

Imesha Wells

Before I started cooking, I had to clean my apartment and throw away old things that no longer served me. Decluttering and throwing various items allowed me to mentally make room for more blessings that God has for me. I then decided to make pasta from scratch because the process of making pasta is full of energy, love, alignment, and peace.

The lesson I learned from making this pasta is that you can NOT rush the process. I think a lot of times we want things to happen overnight and in doing that we fail to realize that all great things take work.  In order to gain what’s for you, you have to be patient; timing is everything.

As I kneaded the dough, I slowly began to let go of people, feelings, and emotions that no longer benefited me. I added flour when the dough got sticky. I welcomed love, success, and abundance in my heart and mind while I continued to knead the dough. Y’all know its a full moon tonight so I’m setting my intentions and affirming what I want.

Roll, tuck, roll, tuck, fold. I felt like I was putting in a cheat code like my friends would do back in the day whenever we played the Playstation.  I had “Girl” by The Internet playing when I made this pasta.

As I finished, I felt worthy, fearless, happy, grateful and so ready for this next mental level up  of my life. A bitch is leveling up, and I’m peeping every opportunity that’s coming my way. I see bags on bags, y’all. 


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